Step by Step Guide on How to Play Gospel Piano: Is it Easy to Play as a Beginner?

Christian musicians frequently perform gospel pianos for profit, worship, and personal enjoyment. Many gospel bands use the piano as one of their primary musical instruments, so people who want to acquire the techniques for playing Gospel piano will need to practice for a very long time.

Therefore, there are a few things you will need to understand in order to finally be able to play this piano, whether it be for enjoyment or to support your school’s choir.

Master yourself in playing chords

It’s important that you concentrate on playing and mastering chords. They are widely available and can be made in a huge variety of ways. The more chords you are familiar with, the more adept you will be at playing them when required.

Get yourself familiar with seventh chords

Make sure you are familiar with the seventh chords because they are essential to the gospel sound. For instance, a triad is made up of three notes from the chord’s corresponding scale.

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The C major scale’s first, third, and fifth notes correspond to them. The notes of this scale are C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. These scale’s first, third, and fifth notes are C, E, and G. You must therefore perform these chords in order to make a C major chord.

Playing chord in both bass and treble

Playing a chord in both the piano’s treble and bass clefs is known as doubling a chord. This technique is frequently utilized in gospel music to give it that powerful tone we all love.

The vocalist must be given center stage by the piano player because gospel music is a spiritual genre.

Play chord inversions as well

You should play chord inversions as well. Inversions may seem difficult to you, but that isn’t the case at all. Consider the C major chord’s first three notes, C, E, and G. Play G-E-C to play an inversion, or G-C-E for a second inversion, if you choose.

Practice it as much as you can

It is important to play gospel pianos in Sydney as much as you can. You’ll learn new chords in addition to new songs. Nothing beats practice, no matter how much theory you know!


Consider singing along while you play gospel pianos. Even if you don’t have a good voice, you can still be motivated and guided by your practise sessions because the lyrics are so crucial to the gospel music’s message. When playing songs, you’ll also practice your timing for chord changes. To learn more about this topic visit our website.